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Audio File Sharing Possible, thanks to WordPress and Dropbox

Musicians recently started providing free music downloads to the press and fans to get the word out about their sound. Independent or starting out musicians can do a little bit of do-it-yourself self-promotion and offer a free music download too, via WordPress and Dropbox. WordPress is a blogging system that has evolved into a full content management system over the […]

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The Cult releases ‘Choice Of Weapon’

Heavy rock fans, be ready, The Cult is releasing its new album today! Formed in 1981, this English but Americanized outfit is, with Choice of Weapon, at its top level and embraces contemporary themes as materialism and excess vs. nature and spirituality. Discover the story behind this album, watch their videoclip “For The Animals” and download the first single “Lucifer”, […]

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Beauty in Refraction — MUON’s ‘The Shape of Shapes to Come’

Whether as a calculated nod to self-reflexivity or as a result of plain coincidence, MUON have titled a song “Apophenia” on their latest LP. The term denotes the experience of forging meaning from random and disparate streams of data. There are a great many things to be said about the towering edifice of aural wonders that the band has erected […]

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Presenting the world of Twitmusic

The influx of new music sites that incorporate social media could be attributed to the fact that users have the urge to show off the music they’re listening to. Musicians have also been taking advantage of the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share new music and keep their fans updated. Philippines-based Twitmusic is the latest […]

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by / on March 5, 2012 at 6:30 pm / in Culture, Events, Interviews

Mosaic Music Festival’s 8th edition presents “a true mosaic of sounds”

Mosaic Music Festival is a major music festival in Singapore, organized by Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay since 2005. Its originality stands in its unique format, and in the multi-music genres it proposes: 10 days for 18 ticketed shows, more than 100 free ones including intimate chat sessions with artists, plus 5 workshops. We had a conversation with Clarence […]

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Interview: The Great Spy Experiment (SG)

In the greying margins of pop-based indie and new-age rock, many bands find it hard to remain afloat among the masses of like-minded, similar-sounding music-makers from across the globe. Luckily, post-pop aficionados Fandy Ruzak, Khairyl Hashim, Magdelene Han and Saiful Idris of The Great Spy Experiment do not fall into this category. Harnessing elements of pop sensibility and an integrated […]

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S.A.M.E to bridge musical gap between Australian and Chinese musicians

The longstanding gap between Chinese and Australian musicians will soon be bridged with the announcement that established Chinese indie acts Carsick Cars and Bone will be touring the eastern capitals of Australia this month. Stemming from the Sino Australian Music Exchange initiative (S.A.M.E, which began as a collaboration between DIY music specialists Tenzenmen and Sydney’s ‘Chalk Horse’ Gallery in 2010), […]

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Interview: Deerhoof (US)

Deerhoof speaks about their projects and their upcoming tour in Singapore and South-East Asia. The band features SEA Absolute Indie compilation, available on almost all the digital platforms!  

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Interview: B-Quartet (SG)

Family-bands that tour the countryside have always been associated with the worst kind of stereotype, conjuring painful images of cheesy lyrics about “sticking together,” a lot of frolicking, too many harmonies and the occasional concertina. This stereotype, while it accurately describes many musicians that shared DNA in the early 20th century, has gradually been replaced by a more “modern” approach […]

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Interview: Choi Sai Ho (HK)

Most things fade in time, and musical instruments are certainly no exception. It is for this reason that Violinists are often reminded of their place in the music industry – either as assets to the preservation of classical symphonies, or as a knee-slapping addition to the average barnyard folk band. Generally speaking, solo Violinists are somewhat limited. It takes a […]

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Interview: Silverbus (TW)

Where much of the South-East Asian indie music scene is dominated by guitar-driven pop riffs, looping vocals and weird amalgamations of indefinable noises, it is refreshing to encounter a band whose sound relies on more than simply blasting listeners off the backs of their chairs. Silverbus, hailing from Taiwan and dabbling in every style from rock and acoustic, to moody, […]

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Interview: The White Eyes (TW)

Like fashion, musical trends also go in and out of popularity. In the 90’s, it was all about commercial pop, Nirvana and the occasional boy band. The 80’s gave us synthesizers and bad hair. The 70’s however, spawned the birth of punk and gritty, high-charged, low-fi rock – and this is where The White Eyes draw their limitless reams of […]

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Interview: The Cambodian Space Project (KH)

If you happen to be in a state where you can picture yourself doing a psychedelic moonwalk through the fabric of time, clutching a bunch of 60’s rock records in one hand and a glitter bomb in the other, then you will likely have some idea of what it is to listen to the Cambodian Space Project. Hailing from various […]

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Interview: The Universal Moment (JP/TW)

Japanese alt-rockers the Universal Moment are a rising force on the local and international scene; comprised from well-travelled, American-raised brothers Yu and Sebastian, along with drummer and keyboardist Shihori and Shigeo, the group have surrendered their surnames and enjoyed increasing success since the release of their first record, “The Reminder” in 2009. After growing through a series of transitions stemming […]

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Interview: Zebra and Snake (FI)

If you’ve been to any awkward job interviews, practiced any Shamanic rituals or seen a therapist lately, there’s a chance that you have been asked the question: “If you could be an animal, what would you be?” While this may not be the most relevant starting point for a band interview, you have to keep in mind the origin of […]

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Interview: L’Alphalpha (ID)

A video interview for SEA Absolute Indie compilation (release date: Oct. 18, 2011) by Dimas Wisnuwardono.

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Gently down the stream: Why free music streaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

If my mother taught me nothing else, it’s that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Music is no exception; since the dawn of Napster (and all the other trendy downloading and torrent-based sites that have justifiably been closed down), greedy music-mongers have been desperately searching for an alternative method of gaining access to their favorite tunes, without the […]

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SEA Absolute Indie Compilation

We are proud, happy, relieved, excited to present you the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation featuring the hottest bands from South-East Asia + International guests. The release is on October 18th, 2011. But for now, you can have a first view at who’s in it, and spread the word!

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Interview: They Will Kill Us All (MY)

In an age devoid of simplicity and overrun with technology, the global music industry is perpetually faced with an audience of diminished attention spans. Everyone is switched on, logged in and doing fifty things at once; music, it seems, must be incredibly concise, or run the risk of being lost in the mess. As artists try fruitlessly to cram as […]

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