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We reveal the Top 40 biggest selling singles of the decade so far

Official charts just released their official list of the 40 best selling singles of the decade so far, offering rare sales insight into the UK market. Though their data is based on sales data within the UK, the songs occupying the top spots have been smash hits across the globe. We take a quick look at what the world has been […]

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How Much Is A Smash Hit Song Really Worth To The Artists That Create It?

What’s the true financial value of a number one smash hit to the artists that create it? Well thanks to court proceedings lodged by the children of Marvin Gaye against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I, we may have just found out the answer to that question.

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Miley Cyrus Interview : Admits She Is Crazy But Denies Smoking Marajuana On MTV Show

In an interview on BBC radio in London, Miley Cyrus admitted what may not come as a shock to many  – “I’m definitely crazy” she told the interviewer. In other breaking news, the Pope has finally admitted he is Catholic.

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Cara Delevinge And Miley Cyrus Coffee Shop Visit Sparks Up Controversy

Amsterdam: Miley Cyrus flew in to Amsterdam yesterday and immediately landed herself in controversy once again. She was spotted entering a “coffee” shop with friend, super-model Cara Delevingne and was photographed leaving two hours later.

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5 Pop Star Costumes for your Halloween

Nothing to wear on Halloween yet? Here’s our favorite Halloween costume picks for 2013’s most epic music moments.

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The Battle of the Nude Videos: ‘Blurred Lines’ vs ‘Tunnel Vision’

Did Justin Timberlake triumph over Robin Thicke based on the Youtube ordeal? We’ve decided to put on a good ol’ match!

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What Does the World Have Against Robin Thicke’s “Rape Song”?

Has Thicke sold his soul and shaken off his once wholesome reputation in return for a number one single? Well, quite frankly, no.

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