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Skibs, The Hong Kong Kid

Skibs, a 18 year old rapper from Hong Kong will make his main stage debut at the inaugural BloHK Party event on Dec 7, curated by Pharrell Williams. Interview.

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Ministry’s Al Jourgensen: The Truth Behind The Tales

“If you want a sex, drugs and rock’n’roll tale, this is it.” An interview with Ministry.

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NEWSFLASH: Huey Lewis and the News Still Deliver!

“You start a band for any number of different reasons. You want to be a star, or Jimi Hendrix, or you want to get the girl.” Huey Lewis had a chat with Scott Murphy before the FCC Ball in Hong Kong last Saturday night.

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LIVE REVIEW: Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

It’s not quite Cirque du Soleil as you know it. Nor is it the best of Michael Jackson. Is a unique, surprising and at times, thrilling hybrid. Read the live review and check the Australian tour dates.

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The Many Stages of Ivan Rutherford

Ivan Rutherford – Jean Valjean in Broadway’s Les Misérables – will make his one man show debut in Hong Kong today. Interview.

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You Pledge, They Deliver: PledgeMusic

Pledge Music: a better way to interact with fans. Interview with founder Benji Rogers.

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A Chat With Noughts and Exes

They’ve been called “indie-folk” and one of Hong Kong’s best bands, but the truth is that Noughts and Exes are really forging their own unique path. Interview.

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Creating Your Musical All-Star Team!

Thinking of a band (and even an artist) as a company is a way to make the entire process be more efficient. Read the precious advice and case studies from US-lawyer Jesse Morris.

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LIVE REVIEW: Linkin Park in Hong Kong

Scott Murphy got his dose of carefully controlled chaos last week at Linkin Park’s show in Hong Kong.

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LIVE REVIEW: The xx in Hong Kong

The xx played on Wednesday night in Hong Kong. Scott Murphy was there and tells us how was this live experience.

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Getting To Know Chthonic

Ahead of the group’s upcoming show in Hong Kong on August 17, bassist Doris Yeh answers queries about all things Chthonic.

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REVIEW: Springsteen and I

At times, the unique fan studded documentary “Springsteen and I” is so laugh out loud funny that you don’t even have to be a Bruce Springsteen music lover to enjoy it. Review.

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A delicious Q&A with Suzanne Vega

New York based Suzanne Vega will make her first appearance in Hong Kong next week. Scott Murphy had a lovely chat with her.

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An Evening with Ian Anderson

Ahead of his June 24th show billed as “Ian Anderson Plays The Very Best of Jethro Tull”, we talked to Ian Anderson about his musical plans for the evening to salmon fishing. Read more.

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An Evening with Ian Anderson Part II

An extended interview of Jetro Tull’s Ian Anderson by Scott Murphy.

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Live review: Aerosmith in Singapore

Scott Murphy was at Aerosmith’s show last Saturday at Gardens by the Bay, and Steven Tyler and his crew rocked the place.

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Superstar Akon in Macau, Review

Pack over a 1,000 rabid partygoers in to see a major, major label act at one of Asia’s best and biggest nightclubs and what do you get? An evening filled with hype, hope and downright strangeness. Live review by Scott Murphy.

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Live review: Rodrigo y Gabriela in Hong Kong

Rodrigo y GabrielaJanuary 9th, 2013HITEC, Kowloon BayHong Kong She keeps the beat by banging her guitar in between tight bursts of frantic picking. He’s more intricate while playing guitar, fingers flying along with the speed of thrash band and the precision of Clapton. Together they’re Rodrigo y Gabriela, a duo who mesmerized a surprisingly full all-ages standing room only crowd […]

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A Chat with Macy Gray

Guest writer Scott Murphy from SIREN FILMS – a HK based independent production and creative house, had a phone call with Macy Gray when she came to play in Hong Kong on December 10. Hopefully he had some questions prepared.

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