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2NE1 Release Missing You Behind The Scenes And Answer Fans Why Did CL Pose Naked?


2NE1, currently high in the Top 30 Asia chart with ‘Missing You‘, have released a Behind The Scenes movie and try to answer the controversy surrounding the naked scenes of lead singer CL.

The video shows the band preparing for the video shoot, including choosing the jewellery and in make-up. The band provide commentary throughout the film (with English captions) and reveal that the song is about a woman who is longing for the unrequited love she experienced in her 20’s. Additionally they tell the viewers that everyone cried in the studio while they were recording the song, which they recently performed at the Mnet Awards.

However, the video only provides a very quick glimpse of the scene that has got the fans talking – the shots of naked lead singer, CL. In response the band’s label, YG Entertainment, posted an interview with the band and answered the question fans have been asking – why did CL pose naked in the video?  

When asked about it, CL explained, “I felt like no outfits suited the song. And all I could think of was something very raw. So I suggested to the director why not go nude. If somebody had told me to do so, I would have never done it. But it was my own inspiration and I thought it went quite well with the song. So there was no discomfort in doing it, and the shooting went well.” 

CL missing you naked

Following the controversy that surrounded Miley Cyrus recently appearing naked, CL also admitted their label boss had mixed feelings about the scene. “He (Yang Hyun Suk) was not the only one who was concerned about the nudity. It was something like, ‘She says she wants to do it so should let her, but boy this is worrying.’ “, she said. “Male artists and staffers were especially worried. They never said a word until now, but after the video was released, they commented, “I am so glad. I was really worried but the video is nothing like nude, but it is much more like art.” Well, I am not sure if ‘not looking provocative’ is a compliment. It’s not provoking or sexy at all, is it? That was a bit of a concern”.

CL missing you naked


2NE1 missing you CL naked

The full article can be read on the YG Life website. 

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