Videos — August 17, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Australian comedian delivers surprise hit with release of “Friendzone”


Australian comedian Frenchy has leveraged his YouTube fame, releasing hit song ‘Friendzone’ which has rocketed up the Australian charts, deposing  international pop stars like Jason Derulo and Ed Sheeran on the way.



The comedy song, recorded by Sydney based Frenchy and Zach Gervaise, achieved a peak position of number 28 on iTunes, is a tongue in cheek look at men who are unable to convert a friendship into a relationships with women.  The catchy song seems to have struck a chord with Australian audiences with lyrics like “then she put me in the friend zone, it’s not the end though, I’m still having coffee with her gran. She’s gonna call me on the weekend, to ask for a lift home or advice on her new man.”



The comedian and former teacher found fame through his YouTube channel where his videos have been viewed more than 27 million times and boasts a subscriber base of  170,000 and has released other material on SoundCloud. This is the first song that he has released on iTunes.


The success of ‘Friendzone’ means Frenchy has plans for new songs in the future but he is adamant that his recent successes won’t change him. He told Australian news channel Nine MSN “I’m still sitting wearing the same pyjama pants eating the same bowl of rice bubbles watching the same Harry Potter Movies, but (the iTunes success) does inspire me to write a more songs.”

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