Newsletter, Videos — June 3, 2015 at 2:59 pm

BIGBANG release wild music video for new single ‘Bang Bang Bang’


Living up to their promise of dropping two new singles every month as part of their Made album, the kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG have unveiled June’s offering in the electrifying “Bang Bang Bang.”



The bouncy, hi energy jam is a feast for the ears and the eyes, delivering a spectacular visual feast featuring astronauts, gangster cowboys, bouncing low riding cars, souped up motorbikes, pyrotechnics, a cadre of beautiful men and women before changing track dramatically into a rocking party anthem.


The song is like 3 tracks in one with a electro pop based prodcuction to begin with, moving into a trap based chorus laden with muted horns. At 2:43 into the track, you can forget everything else you heard in the clip as the whole track shifts gear and explodes into a dance anthem with the trappy snares replaced by high energy synths and a very chant-able chorus. It’s easy to see this lighting up dance floors.


The costumes are out of this world too, reminiscent of the group’s last offering in “Bae Bae,”occupying a neon tinged world where the guys rock everything from couture fashion (the band’s leather coats are on full show) to outlandish accessories like football pads, oversized English bearskin hats, sequinned red jackets and punk rock inspired attire.


The song and the video is an impressive feat and it’s easy to see how BIGBANG have managed to have such crossover appeal both across Asia and into western markets. Stay tuned for their next clip on June 5 – “We Like 2 Party” but until then – feast your eyes on this: