Videos — July 18, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Diving in Priyanka Chopra’s Exoticism


Priyanka Chopra – this name rings a bell, right? It must be because she’s Miss World 2000, one of the best-paid Bollywood actresses, and she’s on the edge of becoming a global superstar. That’s maybe why you’ve heard of her, or seen her pretty face on the internet.

Priyanka Chopra in 'Exotic'

The next step for the 31-year-old is a musical career. She’s already been singing and dancing in her movies, so we can’t say that it’s an unexpected shift in her life. She has launched her first two singles this year, in January and this month, surfing on the raging collaboration wave. After exchanging some verses with in the quite inelegant videoclip for ‘In My City’, Priyanka is back on track with Pitbull and in a classy environment for ‘Exotic’.

It’s not Priyanka Chopra that will lead a music revolution, that’s for sure – ‘Exotic’ will remain a summer dancefloor track with a good screed of Auto-Tune and the winning combo beach + sexy girls + party. But what is interesting to note is that it is a real duo with Pitbull – not like’s two-second appearance in ‘In My City’ – and Priyanka Chopra sings in both English and Hindi.

The winning combo of 'Exotic'

She’s so hypnotizing during the whole videoclip which was shot in two days in Miami, that she’s almost taking people’s breath away. It’s like a victory to see her ending the song with an Amazona-style choreography, then by herself and not with Pitbull – who, we must admit here, loves to show his nostrils. Priyanka’s really stealing his thunder here!

Get ready and watch Priyanka Chopra – err sorry, watch ‘Exotic’:

And today is her birthday. Happy birthday Priyanka!