Videos — April 14, 2015 at 10:21 am

“What the F**K just happened?” Drake responds to Madonna’s onstage kiss


Coachella madonna

It was the act of sexual harassment live streamed across the planet. Yesterday Madonna planted a long, steamy and seemingly very reluctant French kiss on Drake during his performance at Coachella. And predictably, the internet went crazy.


It’s not the first time the material girl has gotten raunchy with other performers. Taking a page out of her own book (anyone remember Britney Spears?) we may have discovered the secret of her eternal ‘youth.’ Devouring the spirits of younger performers through their mouth. But it has to be said, there was a lot less reluctance in that kiss she shared with Britney back in 2003.


In a somewhat unexpected turn, Madonna took to the mainstage of the Californian festival during Drake’s performance to perform with the rapper. At the end of her song Drake was sitting on a chair before Madonna flicked her hair back and planted a passionate kiss on the younger man. At first he appears to be into it but as his arms start flailing, she strokes his chest and pushes his arms against his sides, preventing further resistance. The 28 year old Canadian rapper then collapses forward saying “holy s**t, what he f**k just happened.” Probably not the response Madge was looking for.


Within seconds, the horror kiss was shared across the globe through social media and by enthusiastic meme creators, with less emphasis on the age difference between the two – at 56 Madonna is twice his age – and more about how her kiss could so clearly repulse the younger man.


According to TMZ Drake’s ‘sources’ have revealed that Drake’s panic-stricken dry retching was in fact a reaction to the foul tasting lipstick Madonna was wearing rather than being planted with a passionate kiss by a woman that is old enough to be conceivably be his mother. As to whether the whole thing was staged? Well, the video speaks a thousand words but the same sources close to Drake tell TMZ  “the plan was for Madonna to dance around him while he sat in the chair.” Clearly not what ended up happening.



Showing how much she cared about any what any haters in the audience thought, Madonna strutted off stage offering a dismissive “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” Well no-one can argue that point.