Videos — November 29, 2013 at 10:58 pm

The Katy Perry Killer Queen Christmas Ad Features Singer Sitting On Happy Santa’s Lap


In the new Katy Perry Killer Queen Christmas Ad the Roar singer tells Santa what she wants to find under her tree on Xmas morning. John Mayer – you have been warned!

In her new TV 23 second advert Katy Perry has a visit from none other than Santa himself – a privilege normally reserved for only good boys and girls. In the ad the 29yr old Unconditionally singer tells St Nick that what she wants for Christmas is a ‘picnic on Michu Picchu’. When Santa asks her ‘Have you been naughty or nice?” Katy cheekily replies, “What d’you think?”


Katy’s new perfume, Killer Queen, is her third after Purr and Miaow, meaning the singer has now released more perfumes than albums. She says, “It took us something like 30 or 35 tries to get it right. I wanted some floral aroma, like jasmine, but I also wanted red velvet flower, which is incredible. It gives it the edge that makes it Killer Queen.’





Katy’s ‘Roar’ single remains a strong seller in all the Top 30 Asia charts. She has recently announced the first dates of her world tour. Her fans in Southeast Asia are eagerly waiting to see if she will be touring the region, having recently played gigs in Japan.

 Katy Perry Killer Queen Christmas Ad

Katy recently caused controversy when she appeared dressed as a geisha at this years AMA’s, prompting some commentators to accuse the performance of being racist.