Videos — July 23, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Kris Lawrence Romances Model on Shoot



Yup, we’ve seen it. Prince of RnB Kris Lawrence has been romancing another lady – and it’s really hard not to fall under his spell, especially when he sings one of his ballads. That’s why we think model Maria Martinez is one lucky lady! In his recent music video for the second single off of his album, Spread the Love, Kris is crooning “Ikaw Pala” (“It’s You”) to the gorgeous model. Apart from that, the music video is over four minutes of hot and steamy scenes from the on-screen couple, with shots of a topless Kris that show us the very reason why he is nominated for Starometer‘s Sexiest Man of 2013

Off screen though, Kris is happily committed to his partner, actress Katrina Halili and their adorable ten-month old daughter, Katie. We wouldn’t be surprised though if his on-screen partner got a little bit love dazed during that whole shoot.

Watch the video for “Ikaw Pala” here:



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