Videos — May 8, 2013 at 10:38 am

The Dead Daisies – ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’



Throughout rock history, there’s been many attempts at forming supergroups – so bands formed by musicians that played for other successful groups in the past. Some failed miserably, some just passed by unnoticed, and some completely blew the originating bands out of the rock ‘n’ roll water.

The Dead Daisies are a supergroup with so much talent and history (on both Australian and overseas’ bands) that I’d say my money is on them having a considerably successful future.

The first single – “Lock ‘N’ Load” – is an honest, down-to-earth, catchy and vibrant rocker, with inspired solos and licks, inspiring vocals, and an exciting rhythm section. Ah, yes, there is a featuring artist in this song you might know, he goes by the nickname Slash….

Ok, you’re still reading, huh ? Well it doesn’t stop there, this song will be accompanied by a video. A teaser for this video has been released and is available below.

I guess this proves that supergroups can, in fact, work – and quite well.