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Jack Ü team up with Justin Bieber for “Where Are Ü Now” clip – Bieber gets penetrated by a massive phallus

Jack Ü (Diplo and Skrillex) and Justin Bieber have released the music video for “Where Are Ü Now,” and the internet is abuzz about the clip, thanks to a cheeky addition by the production department.

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AOA release music video for new track “Heart Attack”

Popular South Korean girl group have released their long awaited comeback single “Heart Attack” with the clip seeing the ladies dressed up in cheerleader outfits and taking to the lacrosse field.

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Prince Royce, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez team up for ‘Back It Up’

Latin superstar Prince Royce dipped his toes into the waters of the English-language pop world his single “Stuck On A Feeling” in 2014.  Boasting a fun verse from rap legend Snoop Dogg, the infectious track gathered enough momentum to see it slide into the top 50. It was a promising result for a first attempt. Inevitably the stakes are much higher for the follow-up though. […]

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Entire school does an incredible one-shot rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor Swift’s fan base carries across ages, genders and international boundaries with everyone from your little sister to The Rock having love for Tay Tay. A quick search on YouTube for the query ‘Taylor Swift cover’ delivers an impressive 4 million hits. With all that competition, it takes a pretty special effort to get Swift herself to give props for […]

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Video: BigBang release ‘We Like 2 Party’

BigBang want you to know that with the exception of their legion of adoring fans, private jets and millions of dollars, they’re just like you and me, and their new clip is the proof.

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BIGBANG release wild music video for new single ‘Bang Bang Bang’

Living up to their promise of dropping two new singles every month as part of their Made album, the kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG have unveiled June’s offering in the electrifying “Bang Bang Bang.”

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Taylor Swift and her BFFs kick ass in neo-noir ‘Bad Blood’ video

The star-studded futuristic neo noir music video for Taylor Swift‘s Bad Blood premiered during the opening of the Billboard Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas today, and the drool worthy clip feature a veritable super-group of musicians and celebrities including a new guest verse on the track by none other than Kendrick Lamar.

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Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea invade the 80’s in their new ‘Pretty Girls’ clip

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” music clip has landed and it’s a futuristic flashback romp, combining some of the wildest fashion trends of the 80s, glam make-overs, a Samsung sponsorship and extraterrestrials.

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BoA drops new single “Who Are You” with a special guest collaborater

BoA has released the music video for her latest single “Who Are You” and it features a surprise guest in EXO’s Sehun and a musical colaboration with dynamic Duo’s Gaeko.   The song is the first single from the female solo artist’s eighth studio album in celebration of her 15th anniversary in the music industry.   The song’s clip revolves around […]

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Big Bang release first new music in three years!

After months of teasers and what feels like an eternity between releases… BIG BANG are finally back! In a two for one combo, the five member boy band came out of a three year hiatus to release two new singles “Loser” and “Bae Bae.”   The singles gathered more than 8 million views within the first eight hours of their […]

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“What the F**K just happened?” Drake responds to Madonna’s onstage kiss

It was the act of sexual harassment live streamed across the planet. Yesterday Madonna planted a long, steamy and seemingly very reluctant French kiss on Drake during his performance at Coachella. And predictably, the internet went crazy.

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The Rock lip sync-ing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ is the best thing you’ll see all day

Everyone knows that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the friendliest guy in show business (that could still rip your arms out of their sockets if you stepped out of line) but he’s further elevated his status with this incredible rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’.

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Ed Sheeran Gets ‘Dirrty’ With Christina Aguilera

Ed Sheeran has dropped by BBC Radio 1’s studios to a deliver an unlikely but brilliant cover of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty.’

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Watch The Evolution Of 20 Years Of K-Pop In 8 Minutes

A group of university students from Wheaton College in Illinois have come together to perform at their annual campus-wide Lunar New Years Festival with an incredible homage to K-pop over the past 20 years.   The group came together to celebrate their Korean heritage and pay tribute to the growth of the Korean pop music genre over the past two […]

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Charli XCX Has Transformed ‘Shake It Off’ Into a Punk Track

BBC Radio 1 has a long standing tradition of having visiting pop artists perform a cover of one of their contemporaries and has led to some amazing results like when 30 Seconds to Mars covered Kanye West or Haim covered Beyonce. Sometimes…. well sometimes they don’t turn out so well.   This time around Charli XCX, has delivered, offering up […]

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Someone has mashed up ‘Bad Blood’ & ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ and it is amazing

It was probably always going to happen but we just didn’t expect it to be so soon. Some hero on the internet has spliced together Madonna’s latest single ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ with Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ and the result is incredible.

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Olly Murs and Demi Lovato Perform A Beautiful Rendition Of Their UK Single ‘Up’

Demi Lovato has teamed up with English singer-songwriter Olly Murs to perform an acoustic rendition of his new single ‘Up’ that is due for release on January 4, 2015.   The heartfelt rendition captures the raw emotion of the slick pop-rock production and features a powerful chorus allowing the vocal depth of the duet to shine. The acoustic version is gaining […]

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How Taufik Batisah turned a simple hashtag into a surprise smash hit

These days, there’s no telling where your next piece of inspiration is going to come from but in Taufik Batisah’s case, what started out as a video to his fans on Instagram quickly become an internet sensation. Back in June, whilst on his way to meet some fans to break fast during Ramadan, the Singapore Idol winner uploaded a video onto […]

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The 7 Biggest KPop Videos Of All Time

We all know Psy’s videos for Gangnam Style (1.8 billion views) and Gentleman (653 million views) are amongst the most popular videos on YouTube and bought Kpop to the attention of the world. But what are the biggest Kpop videos AFTER Psy?

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Lorde Team Video Released And Crashes Her Vevo Channel

New Zealand: Lorde, currently in all Top 30 Asia charts with her debut single ‘Royals’, has released the eagerly anticipated video to the follow-up single, “Team”.

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