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Diving in Priyanka Chopra’s Exoticism

Priyanka Chopra is on the edge of becoming a global superstar. She’s just released her sexy videoclip for ‘Exotic’ featuring Pitbull.

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Inch Chua Finds Her Bigfoot

See why Inch Chua is making one of the biggest international marks by an independent Singaporean artist in recent times.

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Beyonce Tells Fan to Put the Damn Camera Down During Show

Another reason why you must never watch a live performance through the lens of a camera, caught on video of course.

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VIDEO: Britney Spears – ‘Ooh La La’

Watch Britney Spears and her sons Preston and Jayden in her latest music video “Ooh La La”, a track taken from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. Read more.

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This Sanctuary Take New Direction

This Sanctuary’s latest single takes a surprisingly bold departure from their previous unrestrained releases. Read more.

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VIDEO: 2NE1 – ‘Falling in Love’

In just three days since the release of their latest music video, “Falling In Love”, Korean girl group 2NE1 earns almost four million views on Youtube. Watch the video.

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VIDEO: P!nk ft. Lily Allen – True Love

P!nk’s latest music video for “True Love” features Brit star Lily Allen, her husband Corey Hart and their adorable two-year-old, Willow. Watch the video now.

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VIDEO: Boys Republic – Party Rock

Boys Republic are set on international stardom and they made a good first impression with their debut single, “Party Rock”.

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Noah Reveal a Glimpse of Their New Movie

The film documents Ariel’s accusation of appearing in a sex tape, protesting his innocence and being sentenced to jail.

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The Wknd Sessions Premieres its Seventh Season

Season 7 of the long-running internet music series, The Wknd Sessions, premiered today. Find out who’s lined-up this season.

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The Violent Side of Afgan

A video has surfaced of Indonesian singer, Afgansyah Reza, relentlessly swinging a baseball bat at photos of his girlfriend.

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VIDEO: Bruno Mars – Treasure

Bruno Mars takes us time travelling back to the 70s with his funky disco-themed music video for “Treasure”.

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VIDEO: The Script – Millionaires

The Script just released a new video for “Millionaires”, the latest single taken from their third album, #3.

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Nidji Release New Video for Rahasia Hati

Check out Nidji’s video for “Rahasia Hati”, taken from their latest album OST 5CM.

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VIDEO: Deerhoof – ‘Breakup Songs’

Deerhoof come back with another quirky videoclip, this time directed by Pieter Dirkx.

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Strange Place to Meet: EP & Anthology Film by Esther Lowless

“Strange Place to Meet” is the 6-chapter, multi-tiered music and film masterpiece by Singaporean musician and actress Esther Lowless.

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VIDEO: Lady Antebellum – ‘Goodbye Town’

Lady Antebellum sings of first and lost loves in their new video “Goodbye Town”.

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VIDEO: Imagine Dragons – ‘Demons’

Imagine Dragons released their latest video for the track “Demons”. Watch it here.

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The Dead Daisies – ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’

The new single by supergroup The Dead Daisies features Slash, check it out.

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VIDEO: Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘Up in the Air’

Thirty Seconds to Mars releases a short film for their track “Up in the Air” – comes with zebras, a lion, a wolf, a snake, and a couple of famous faces.

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