Pop, Videos — December 2, 2015 at 8:40 am

Psy’s new video for ‘Daddy’ is just as crazy as ‘Gangnam Style’


37-year-old Korean pop sensation Psy is hoping to recreate the worldwide success of Gangnam Style with his new single Daddy, and he’s brought in some heavyweight support to help.

psy daddy 1

2NE1’s CL has joined forces with the star, a move sure to gain her more fans and, after her projects with Justin Bieber and Diplo, help edge ever closer to mainstream popularity in the West.


The video begins without audio, possibly as a trick to get viewers to crank up their volume and quickly pans to show a baby superimposed with Psy’s face before we see Psy as a lady-killing schoolboy who flirts with his teacher and female classmates.

psy daddy 2

Throughout the bizarre four-minute clip, the South Korean singer is depicted as several different characters including a baby, a Freddy Mercury tribute act, a schoolboy, father and playboy grandfather who schmoozes women with his gold teeth and supercharged wheelchair. We told you it was bizarre.


Similar to Gangnam Style, the video is an indelible part of the experience and the rapid fire scene cuts and a wealth of visual  and several things going on in the same frame that keeps the viewer’s attention.


Another crucial element to K-Pop music videos are ridiculous dance numbers and Dady is no different. The mash of hat are sure to inspire some flailing arms on the dancefloor. Psy is hoping for similar success to his hit Gangnam Style but he has his work cut out for him. The viral smash hit has gathered more than 2.46 billion views on YouTube since its release in 2012.


The new single is off his forthcoming album, Chiljip PSY-Da (This Is PSY’s Seventh Album in English), which is his first record since becoming an international sensation more than three years ago.