Videos — November 19, 2013 at 2:20 am

Sneak Peak At Katy Perry’s Unconditionally Video


Southeast Asia: After Katy Perry, currently Number One on Top 30 Asia Philippine’s chart, released her love ballad single “Unconditionally” on October 16, she promised to unveil the gorgeous music video this November 19. And the sneak peak of this upcoming video can just be seen today. The glamorous scene takes place inside what appears to be a castle and flashes intermittently to lyrics from the romantic ballad.

It is said that the video for “Unconditionally” was made with her beau John Mayer in mind. The romantic lyrics “Unconditionally, unconditionally, I will love you unconditionally” are designed to lure the viewer into experiencing what Katy was feeling when she made the gorgeous movie. The video first shows some slowed-down ballroom dancers with snowflakes around them, a mother and child sequence, curtains catching on fire, owls flying into the room, and of course, a young couple looking happily in love (Katy & John?).

Then the video speeds up, taking us through a fast-paced montage of images through various stages of life. In one of the images, Katy, 29, is shown wearing a white wedding gown as a group of handsome men surround her. In another, she is weeping into her hands. Finally, Katy is shown wearing a gold dress, appears with the chorus “Unconditionally” with a mixed emotion of the ballad.