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Strange Place to Meet: EP & Anthology Film by Esther Lowless


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Separated into six chapters of music and film, Strange Place to Meet is the multi-tiered masterpiece by Singaporean musician and actress Esther Lowless. It tells the story about a simple girl, unbothered by all worldly matters, who is relentlessly haunted by a visitant. She has no idea who the visitant is and why the visitant has entered her life all she knows is that she must get away. Esther’s great love for film and music prompted an exploration of both mediums for the project – based loosely on a nervous breakdown she experienced a few years ago. 

Having played for several Singapore bands, such as Indus Gendi, MONSTER CAT, and DEON, Esther Lowless decided to embark on her music career as a solo artist. The music of Strange Place to Meet is an assemblage of melancholic piano riffs and ethereal vocal harmonies, unconventionally set against a tapestry of driving bass lines and lurching drum rhythms. Written with her 18-year-old piano, Esther effortlessly translates her stories into songs. Influenced by the likes of Massive Attack, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Russian Circles, the debut EP is an interesting blend of tender piano riffs, heavy rhythms, and driving guitar lines. Emotive strings emphasize the melancholy of the soudtrack.

Inspired by “Paris, Je t’aime”, it occurred to Esther that her project could serve as an anthological mosaic of short films that displayed the brilliance of Singapore’s filmmakers. A collective vision of local filmmakers and cinematographers that saw the peculiar sensibilities she strived to evoke. The music films in Strange Place To Meet were made possible by Henry Hiah, Leonard Soosay, Gerald Stahlmann, Sivaraj Pragasm, Wu Jun Han, and Esther herself.

Catch the six short films of Strange Place to Meet on Esther’s YouTube page. The visual representations of the songs will lead up to the launch of the album at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Tuesday 21st June. For tickets email your name, contact details and number of tickets you wish to purchase to

Additional appearances:
30th June (Sun)
Acoustic set at Bay Beats Day 3
Acoustic set at the Esplanade Library
Acoustic sets at the Chillout Stage



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Esther Lowless’s debut EP, Strange Place to Meet, is to be released on 21st June 2013.