Videos — June 21, 2013 at 3:01 pm

The Wknd Sessions Premieres its Seventh Season


article (1)Premiering today is Season 7 of the long-running internet music series, The Wknd Sessions!

Over the course of the next ten weeks, ten noteworthy Malaysian and regional acts will be featured on the show. Each episode of The Wknd Sessions will feature one of the chosen acts, with one new music video released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Showcasing an exciting mix of talents new and established, Season 7 will include live performances and interviews by pioneering independent musicians: The Pilgrims, The Pinholes, Plague of Happiness,The Fridays, Iqbal M, Phlox, Trifecta, The Rebel Scum, Darren Ashley Band and Go Gerila!

With over 70 independent artists and more than 210 music videos featured since its first broadcast in 2008, The Wknd hopes to continue breaking new ground on its mission to introduce the best of the Malaysian and South East Asian independent music to the public at large. The show kicked off with an interview and a live performance of Malaysian rock legends, The Pilgrims. Here is a sneak peek of the episode.

Catch the rest of the The Wknd Sessions at The Wknd’s website.



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