Videos — June 5, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Video: BigBang release ‘We Like 2 Party’


BigBang want you to know that with the exception of their legion of adoring fans, private jets and millions of dollars, they’re just like you and me, and their new clip is the proof.


Featuring go carting, daggy dance moves in the back of a jeep, improvised banana microphones, splashing around in the pool and employing liberal use of selfie sticks, the clip is a fun and stripped back look at the group, devoid of much of the color, extravagant costumes and out of control visuals that characterize their clips.


The DIY aesthetic is the perfect way to highlight their bromance and show the lighter side of being an international superstar in a K-pop boy band. According to a representative of the group, “We wanted to portray a more natural vibe, and after much consideration we thought it would be better to do a video that captures the true feeling of the song rather than have them act it out. So [BIGBANG] drank in the studio and then filmed the video. Fans will therefore get to see a more relaxed BIGBANG than normal in the video.”


The admission that the guys had a few drinks before the clip is entirely believable with the boys surrounded by empty bottles, singing karaoke, paying air guitar (or inflatable pool toy guitar) and the internationally accepted gesture of friendship – drawing on someone’s face when they’re passed out (sorry Daesung).


Released as the second single this week ‘We Like To Party’ definitely has more of a pop aesthetic than the raucous party anthem “Bang Bang Bang” delivered earlier this week. The simple chord progression and hand clapping chorus is more akin to a One Direction song than anything else they’ve done recently, albeit with slightly more hip hop influences. Check out the clip below and tell us what you think!